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A Wild Woodland Wedding

A Wild Woodland Wedding

When and how did you and your partner meet?

We may have some questionable stories from shots with our fiends, however Victoria was lucky
enough to share the story of meeting her true love. “We both lived in the same area all our lives but
went to different schools, so we met on a random night out with mutual friends and after 1 to many
shots together 14 years 2 children and now husband and wife”

What was the proposal like?

A spectacular proposal was booming and waiting for Victoria! “It was wow wow wow, totally out of
the blue. We just completed traveling Thailand and on the engagement night we arrived in Sydney
NYE all set to watch the fireworks. As soon as the clock strikes 12pm and the fireworks started,
Luke asked me to marry him. I remember being so blown away him asking and watching the
fireworks I didn’t answer straight away and I remember him saying 20 mins later ‘is that a yes’ and
I said ‘omg of course’… you know what the say keep them waiting, I did this even without

Did you have an inspiration for the theme of your wedding? If so was that?

“I remember seeing the venue for the first time and thinking this place is incredible itself so I am
just going to complement it as best I can, so I picked all my colour scheme around all the natural
colours of the woods lots of browns golds greens and a mix of fresh and dried flowers- my vision
was wild boho woodland wedding.”

Was the style of the gown that you chose, what you always imagined, or did it surprise you?

“I remember going in with a vision of the dress I wanted and the first dress I tried on with the one I
fell in love with, I did try a few more on to see if I got the same feeling but nothing compared, my
dress just made me feel like a real life Cinderella and still does. It was everything I had in my head
and so much more, my dress bought out so much happy emotions that I wasn’t expecting it was
very special.”

What was the hair and make up look and wanted to achieve?

For any future brides reading this, that are thinking of a boho look then here is some great
inspiration. “For both hair and make up I wanted very natural feels for them, again picking up the
colours from the woods browns,golds,greens and very natural style make up for me and my
bridesmaids. I never had my make up done professionally before and remember the overwhelming
feeling of how it made me feel inside and out. And my bridesmaids for them too they loved the
finished look. My hair I wanted very natural big loose curls very floaty and simple.”

What was it about your venue that drew you in?

“I remember the first time we went and we arrived at these metal gates that looked like they should
have been in a fairy tale book and thinking ooo whats behind here and the feeling when the
opened me and my husband to be back then, were totally blown away it was the most magical
woods and still is to us, I remember seeing the trees that so tall it was like that touching the sky
and the red leaves and bark on the floor settling the scene, even writing about it I’m getting the
same feeling. It was just like a real life fairy tale woods.”

What advice would you give future brides when looking for their dress?

“Always follow your heart, your dress will tell you it’s the right one by the way it makes you feel, you
will just know, I knew as soon as I tried my dress on it was the one. It just made me feel like I don’t
think I ever will again. Real life Cinderella and being a mum of two very small children that’s not the
nom, so to have that day of getting all dressed up and glam I felt on top of the world”

Did you have a favourite element of your dress?

“I loved the detailing on the main body of the dress it was just beautiful, and I loved the veil sleeves that I had custom made” Oxana, the founder of Minster Bridal worked closely with Victoria to design the new sleeves and achieve her dream bridal look. “I wanted my dress to be unique to me with my own special touch and when I first tried them on with the dress it was just perfect totally how I pictured it in my head.”

What was your routine the night before?

“Me and the bridal party stayed at the evening venue the night before the wedding, which was at
plush tents in Chichester ( full on glamping site) which we hired for everyone to have their very own
yurt. We were fnishing all the last minute touches ( very late) we all sat down in the main yurt with
the log burner on and had a M&S buffett prepared for us by the groom which was enough for about
70 people rather then the 7 in my bridal party, this really made us laugh after filling our belly’s with
a lot of food we ended the night in the hot tub in the pitch black under the stars ( A moment I will
always remember) the sky was just lit up.”

What was the highlight of your day?

“Gosh I couldn’t pick just one from start to finish, I had to keep saying to myself is this real? Is this
happening? as I just felt like I was in a dream, seeing my vision come to life was the best for me
after a year of planning and a lot of late nights, watching all that we planned come together thought
the day was the best feeling ever. And one I will never forget. It was all very overwhelming but in
the best way possible.

I remember close to the end of the night I was on the dance floor and looking round the dance floor
and seeing all our family and friends so happy dancing and laughing together and it was the best
feeling and one I will always remember.”

How do you feel looking back on photos?

When I look back on the photos I feel like I am reliving the day over and over again, I am forever
grateful for the photos and memories I have and always will be.

Do you have any advice for future brides?

“My advice would be plan your day to reflect yours and your husband to be personality, filled with
all your favourite memories and moments together, relive your love story with all your family and
friends filled with all favourite foods, music, places and most of all people you love the most.
And don’t forget the wedding bumps…fly high its your day”

What was your first dance song?

Our song was by the kings of leon – called use somebody and this has always been our song,
when we first got together 14 years ago we went to a festival in hyde park to watch them and this
song played and we just cuddled and sang every word out loud ( cheeky I know) but again it’s a
memory we still have to this day and will always be our special song, so we had this as our aisle
walk and first dance and also our last dance ( everyone was a bit more drunk then)

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